Hiking The BalkansHiking The Balkans
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Who helped us along the way


Clarice Muller

Clarice Muller travelled with us to Macedonia in 2015 and was so inspired by our project that she designed our logo. She is a professional print and screen designer who has worked on a wide range of projects from corporate branding, posters, pamphlets and flyers to social media graphics, websites, presentations and multimedia applications. Clarice is originally from South Africa but is a long-term London resident.

You can view more of Clarice’s work here


Grae Shennan

Grae Shennan explored the Balkans with us on our first trip in 2011 and has since developed a passion for the region. He has been to Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria with us and has provided a multitude of photographs for the Hiking the Balkans web site. He is a lifelong Londoner and aside from photography and travel, he loves jazz.


Marion Musculus

Apart from testing our trips to Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia and providing valuable feedback, Marion Musculus helped us set up the Hiking the Balkans blog. Marion is originally from Berlin but has lived in London for over 20 years. She has an active interest in European affairs, art, theatre and culture. She used to teach graphic design and currently works at a London law firm.


BTS Art Factory

From the moment we decided to create our web site, they were the perfect match for Hiking the Balkans. The team from BTS Art Factory  helped us make our idea a reality. They chose the photos that looked best and made the web site both functional and attractive. They gave a structure to the multitude of information and experiences we collected along the way and put them in the format that you are now looking at. We are grateful for their patience, dedication, hard work and most of all for their wonderful ideas.