A huge reason why we loved Macedonia so much was the country’s out-of-this-world cuisine. It is a delightful blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influence, all rolled up in an excellent growing climate for fruit, vegetables, and wine and local expertise with dairy products. The result? Absolutely delicious and mostly healthy meals served up at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere (again, Macedonia is Cheap with a capital C). In fact, we had two of our most favorite meals of the trip here. In Skopje, we visited Stara Kuka (“Old House”), which is an adorable restaurant set in the oldest traditional home in Macedonia. It serves up some of the best local dishes and is regularly frequented by the country’s president and other Macedonian VIPs. In Ohrid, we sat right next to the water with the perfect view of St. John at Kaneo. At both places—arguably among the nicest in the entire country—we had several courses, including premium meat and fish, and a liter of wine… and never paid more than $20 a person.

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