Evening Standard: 10 reasons why you should visit Montenegro in 2016

It has pretty medieval towns and rolling hills, it’s affordable and boasts some of the best beaches in Europe. What’s not to love about Montenegro, one of the hottest travel destinations for 2016? Don’t be fooled by its traditional nickname ‘Black Mountain’, because this small but beautiful destination is anything but monochrome. Here, you’ll find […]

Evening Standard: 10 reasons why you should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016

Turquoise rivers, medieval castles and tumbling waterfalls. It sounds like something out of a fairytale, but the craggily beautiful lands of Bosnia and Herzegovina are real – and they’re one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Just two and half hours away by plane from London, well-seasoned travellers that have tired of neighbouring Croatia are now […]

Croatia via Hiking the Balkans

Evening Standard: 9 of the best places to visit in Croatia

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, it’s likely that you’ll have found yourself dreaming of a holiday to Croatia, one of the filming locations for the hit TV series. The fictional landscapes have become as popular as the blood-drenched gripping storylines, with King’s Landing – which is filmed near the coastal Croatian town […]


A huge reason why we loved Macedonia so much was the country’s out-of-this-world cuisine. It is a delightful blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influence, all rolled up in an excellent growing climate for fruit, vegetables, and wine and local expertise with dairy products. The result? Absolutely delicious and mostly healthy meals served up at a […]