Macedonian sarma dish

Courtesy of Lishai Kaufer

Britain is brimming with culinary delights from all over the world, but ask people on the street what they fancy for dinner and you’ll probably get pasta, pizza, burger or curry. There are incredible foreign cuisines at our fingertips, but we simply don’t hear about them. I’m on a mission to highlight some of my favourite world foods, starting with the lesser known Macedonia.

As a fervent foodie myself, and after many years working in food and drink PR, I felt compelled to help put a deserving spotlight on a gastronomy everyone simply must try.

Influenced by the Balkan palate, boasting characteristics of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, and reaping quality produce from its rich soil, Macedonian food is bursting with flavour and diversity. Yet with all this, it remains humble and honest.

Many recipes have been prepared the same way for centuries, passing on age old customs and secrets that are now available to us at the drop of a hat.


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