Hiking the Balkans is supporting organisations and associations that share our vision and are active in the Balkan countries. The idea behind Hiking the Balkans is to promote the Balkan peninsula as a destination to nature lovers who enjoy the outdoors and want to have first-hand experience of this fascinating region of Europe. We work with local communities and use local resources while enabling small groups of guests to enjoy a unique holiday.

Our extensive knowledge of the Balkans and our cooperation with partners based in different countries enables us to offer authentic itineraries. We are involved in clearing mountain paths, building natural shelters for mountaineers as well as marking new trails on an annual basis. Every year we organise a 10-day spring camp for international volunteers to take part in this work. We make annual donations to local mountaineering clubs. We also cooperate with local NGOs working with disadvantaged youth, as we are committed to assisting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop careers in mountain guiding in future.

One of our partners, ABAT Balkania, which is a not for profit organisation, is training young people to gain experience working in tourism by providing opportunities for them to work with international groups of tourists. We would like to share their latest book, Balkan, with the subscribers of Hiking the Balkans. Please click on the link below to download the e-book and read about all the UNESCO sites in the Balkans.


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BALKANIA is a Balkan Association for Alternative tourism which consists of eight member countries from the Balkans and Italy. Its activities include the implementation of projects designed to promote the entire Balkan region as a tourist destination. In addition, its purpose is to restore the positive image of the Balkans in the public eye and promote the exceptional natural, historical, cultural and anthropological heritage.