Hiking The BalkansHiking The Balkans
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Custom Made Tours


If you have an idea of how your Balkan trip should look like and can’t join one of our advertised tours you can write to us to request a custom made one. We will do everything in our power to turn your idea into a memorable experience. It will help us understand your idea and give you better advice if you include some of the following details in your message:

-Which country / countries do you want to visit?

– Is this going to be your first trip to these countries?

– Which of the following do you prefer to experience?

Culture: Historical Sites, Forts, Places of specific interest, Gastronomy and wine

Adventure: Hiking, Swimming, Skiing, Biking, Climbing, Horse riding, Kayaking tours

Relaxation: Spa, Nightlife

Religion/Spirituality: Monasteries, Religious Festivals, Places of Worship

Special interest: photo safari, activism

Type of accommodation: Guest Houses, International Branded Hotels, Heritage Hotels, Ecotourism Properties, Boutique and Design Hotels, Village guest houses, Rural accommodation.

Send us a message to welcome@hikingthebalkans.com