The highest peaks of the Balkans-hiking Bulgaria

I have been visiting Bulgaria both in summer and winter in the last couple of years and have been pleasantly surprised by the improvement of the infrastructure since the country joined the EU. Just like the other Balkan countries Bulgaria is culturally rich and has beautiful unspoiled nature, so it is worth visiting both in summer […]

Revisiting Shara – fascinated by a mountain

I mentioned Shara in one of my previous posts, it is the largest mountain massif in Macedonia, and has 25 peaks higher than 2500 meters. It is also a mountain which towers over the Macedonian capital Skopje and provides it with a stunning backdrop. It is very much a part of the identity of the […]

Kotor Bay-a stunning Adriatic beauty

I have been based in Kotor Bay since March this year, using it as one of two bases for my Balkan explorations. Kotor Bay with its 107km (66mile) coast line is overwhelming in every sense of the word. Its beauty and history are rich even by Balkan standards. Known as the “most southern European fjord” Kotor Bay is in fact a […]

Croatia is not the Balkans, but it is still lovely

As most Croats will tell you Croatia is not the Balkans, it is central Europe. I visited the most southern and eastern island in Croatia Mljet, simply because it is very close to my base in Kotor in Montenegro. Being naturally curious I decided to venture out across the border and see what is out […]

Hiking in Kosovo before everyone else does

The “final frontier” of the Balkans, hiking in Kosovo. When we mentioned that we were going the reactions varied from raised eyebrows to “are you mad”. Are you going with people seeking adventure, my friends asked. In a sense I was, our little group of hikers were the kind of people who’d go to North Korea […]

Hiking Shara mountain in Macedonia

Having time on my hands I joined several mountaineering clubs in Macedonia and the mountaineering club ”Transverzalec” invited me for a hike. We were going to go for a “not very challenging” 25km (15 mile) hike with about 700 meters ascent and descent and there was a possibility of rain in the afternoon. OK, I […]

The amazing caves of Canyon Matka

Inspired by a recent trip with the London European Club, I revisited Canyon Matka near Skopje, Macedonia. It has been an area near my hometown which always fascinated me, but it is only now that I recognise how truly amazing this place is. George Moore said “A man travels the world over in search of […]